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Friday, October 26 7: To purchase a Film Pass or Badge visit austinfilmfestival. You may or may not have gotten a chance to see a Latinauts show at ColdTowne in the last year and a half. After three sold out main stage show runs at ColdTowne Theater and after bringing home three B. Iden Payne Awards in including outstanding cast in an improvised play, the group is taking their highly conceptual theater-prov to a White House setting in Latinacional.

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For more information, contact coldtowne coldtownetheater. Running shows 7 nights a week and featuring the smartest, brightest, and hardest-working comedians in Central Texas. For phone reservations or more information, call TOWN, or visit www. I asked them about their practice, their goals, and their interests in programming at CT. A lot of things stood out to me, but most of all, people wanted more shots to get on the stage and be part of something that was consistent and frequent.

As Artistic Director, my major responsibilities include giving performers stage time while generating revenue for the theater. This had me looking at Monday Nights. The Monday Night Mash has traditionally been, as are many of our time slots, an avenue for troupes who are just starting out to get performance opportunities on the ColdTowne Stage.

They still made smoothies during our shows so we had to shout over the blender.

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We started it because we were having a hard time getting scheduled and there were no other shows happening on Mondays. We need those avenues to help people develop their craft. However, I was feeling that Mondays needed a little boost to help build its draw.

James Randi

Not by all troupes, no, but by many. After some thought and feedback from owners and staff, and gauging interests of coaches and faculty, I decided it was time to introduce a team system for Mondays. We just want to provide a space where trained, capable improvisors can do the work, rehearsing and performing for an audience, that makes them great and pushes their art forward. We opened auditions and the response from the community was passionate and lively.

Les maladies de l'audiovisuel -Feat. le PalmaShow (Golden Show #4)

I am very excited by this new format and am pleased that so many students and performers are excited about it too. If you are interested in getting involved or auditioning for the next round of teams, come see the show on Mondays at 8: Join Austin Film Festival for a day of pitching fun!

This workshop is great to practice an elevator-style pitch and can help writers to conquer their fears of public speaking and selling themselves.

SHOWS: DAY 2 – Friday, October 21st (ColdTowne)

Start your day off with an intimate Pitch Workshop with industry script consultant Jill Chamberlain, founder of The Screenplay Workshop. Next, enjoy a generous break — plenty of time to practice your pitch with other workshop attendees and grab a drink or two before… The Pitch Party! Invite your friends because there is also going to be an audience award-winner for the contest! Guests can arrive at 2: In addition to producing family and genre films that have collectively grossed over a billion dollars, she has played a primary role in developing Austin, Texas as a thriving film community.

She has been involved in independent filmmaking in Texas since she was a youth and is proud to still call Austin home. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets! This summer now through Labor Day , you can get into any late night show i. When you come in for a show earlier in the night, present your ticket stub at the counter for free admittance to the late performance. Want to check out Pendulum Presents on a Thursday after Frankenfriends? We got you covered. Want to see the 8: Buy a ticket to any show and get that sweet ticket punched at the bar.

Return later, present thine holy punch and enjoy a free late night show. As always, we have a variety of completely free events each and every week. Unclaimed tickets will be released at showtime for people presenting their ticket stub.

Offer not good for nights with only one show. The Just For Tonight Show! You moved here not THAT long ago, relatively speaking. What brought you to Austin in general and ColdTowne specifically?

What were you thinking? She got a job down here, and I had never lived anywhere but NYC. I figured it was time for a change and to take a chance and it has really been one of the best experiences of my life. Before moving one of my main concerns was what the comedy scene was like. I went to a few shows and auditions and got put in a show and it really took off from there. What are the differences in the scenes? NY is soooooooo big, but the concentration is around mainly the UCB. Down here, we are also big, with 5 theaters, but there are specific camps.

You can kind of pick a lane and do whatever you really want. Two years of the Just for Tonight Show, huh? What was the genesis of the show? Each year on the show, they would do an episode called the Crowd Sourced Character Contest where fans would submit names of a character and nothing else. Then, performers would have to do them on the show. I loved Conan growing up and am a fan of how weird Late Night would get at times.

How has the show evolved or changed over the last two years? We originally started more along the lines of the crowd sourced character contest where the audience would submit characters they wanted to see and then at random I would call them out and perfumers would come on and be them. We switched over to performers coming in with characters they wanted to play, so there was more ownership and we could get to a game faster. Will and I still have no idea what the character are going to be other than their names, and maybe occupation so we are still able to find things to explore and play with as they come up.

Any memorable moments or stories? There are a bunch that stick out to me. This show has given me the chance to perform with some of my idols, James Adomian and Katie Rich just to name a few, not to mention so many talented people in Austin. In our very first show Conor Sullivan came in with panty hose over his face and a gun, so that was a great way to kick off the run.

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And then of course Ray Jay McKeon. Ray Jay was a character that Michael Perkins did on a show at ColdTowne and he brought the house down! It is one of the funniest performances I have ever been a part of and then we brought him back a few more time including our show at OOB last year with James Adomian and he killed it again. Michael Perkins is the best! What are you looking forward to — creatively speaking — in ?

Improv | ColdTowne Theater

Creatively, the biggest thing I am looking forward to in is creating a baby, due February 6th, but I am also going to try and figure out what the next iteration of The Just For Tonight Show! Girls Girls Girls celebrates 15 years as an improv troupe this year and is performing their last show of 5: Bring your funny holiday story and laugh along as GGG turns it into a mini-musical! From there, they started Ladies Are Funny Festival in , the first comedy festival in Austin featuring only female comics and performers.

In many ways, GGG paved the way for all the talented, all-female groups, musical improv groups, and women thriving in the Austin Comedy scene. GGG has outlasted so many tests and treacheries of life to stay together continuously. It helps that we rehearse weekly and have seen each other through marriages, divorces, online dating, health scares, and the births of 6 babies during our time together. One performance note we often get is about how well we support each other on stage.

We babysit for each other, listen when someone is struggling, call to check in, and drop off groceries if needed. We call each other out and hold high expectations of ourselves and our troupe mates. We expect everyone to bring themselves fully to the process, do their troupe jobs, and show up every week. We have a running phrase: GGG has performed in many theaters around Austin: GGG is the recipient of the B. Austin filmmaker and ColdTowne Graduate B. Araya moved to Austin about two years ago and immersed herself in the filmmaking, improv and comedy scenes. New episodes of We Are premiere on Sundays through November 5.