Matchmaking issues black ops 3

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Message 3 of Message 4 of Beta experience was really good, so I hope is not because of the quantity of active players.

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I'm on PS4 multiplayer with no issues at all. The game runs beautifully, better than expected actually. I've had no issues with BO3 and I played at midnight launch and all day today.

Only had an issue with Zombies matchmaking, multiplayer was fine. Had a bit of lag though. Is there still no dedicated servers for this game?

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I haven't been following it much. I think pc gets dedicated servers and ps4 and Xbox one are peer to peer If am not mistaken.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Plagued by Matchmaking Issues Across All Platforms Right Now

Dedicated servers were great when people had crappy internet, now there bound to be at least one person with great internet that everyone can connect to. I've had slight lag, but I've connected to every match I joined no problem on my Xbox One Sucks for people having issues: Very slight lag on PS4 as well, usually when someone is experiencing connection issues. But even then it's running much better than previous entries when someone is experiencing connection issues.

It is running really great though, amazingly well in fact. Yeah, so far a solid launch: Glad you're enjoying it over on the Sony side of things as well!

2 working solutions- Cant join multiplayer? MatchMaking Fix for BlackOps 4 - Match not found solved

Very good launch all around from the sounds of it. Well except for the PC master race whose driver ready rigs where plagued with driver issues, google BO3 and there are tons of articles with hot fixes for numerous issues from install issues to inoperable mouse issues. But we console paupers will enjoy a great game on both sides of the fence.

Black ops 4 lag fix ps4

So maybe they might never fix it unless we all start complaining together. I'm from Brazil we have servers here but same issue.

Well then they really really really should be working on it I noticed the version has changed Thought the issue has been resolved but couldn't find any game tonight so it's still broken. Originally posted by SR fundy16x:. Originally posted by bladedripper:. In europe, people dont have problems for find a match, my friend joined to a Search And Destroy match and he found it in a 0,1 second.