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Do you find them more interesting and adventurous than men who work for someone else, or do you find them self-absorbed, arrogant, and uninterested? I only ask because I had a long talk with my male friend yesterday I just don't want to jump from the wage ship unless there's going to be a solid self-employment island beneath me. Believe me, I'd love to tell my boss to take this job and shove it.

Share Share this post on Digg Del. I come from the land of the ice and snow where the midnight sun and the hot springs glow. One of the coolest and most attractive features a person can have is the gumption to follow their passion, whatever that may be.

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Be it man or woman, following your passion can be exciting. I know people who have done it successfully and some not. You just have to keep on and not give up when it gets a little tough. Sounds like you have a plan in mind, in terms of setting yourself up with a landing platform to start. One of my friends is about to quit her govt day job, she started her own biz part time and is doing pretty well.

For a man it is a good thing too.

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I have another friend who is self employed, a real estate appraiser -- works when he chooses. But he has been in the biz many years now and has lots of work. But does that attraction still apply if a guy is a hit man who gets paid to shoot people? Or is a hit man included in the "bad boy" category? There could be schedule conflicts depending on the nature of his business and how much time he spends on it. If he's too busy for regular face-time and not able to maintain the connection in other ways, it could be a dealbreaker. The other potential issue is financial security.

Originally Posted by Disillusioned. Originally Posted by NoMagicBullet. He must be good in bed or something, for the guy has red flags all over the place. Does that mean he is a bad guy? At their ages, financial security becomes paramount. He will be nothing but a parasite to her. Women often marry men who are self-employed, like a childhood friend of mine did with her husband, or they will help a spouse get established in a business and husbands also help wives get established in self-employment while they work for employers , and they KNOW upfront they are going to have to make sure there is an income stream in order for that business to get off the ground.

In my friend's case, her husband had inherited the business from his father, and they have been able to keep that business for over 40 years and are gradually turning it over to one of their sons. They are able to afford to retire. There is nothing wrong with that because she knew what she was getting into when she married him over 40 years ago.

What they have is an established business. There is nothing wrong with that.

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There is also nothing wrong with a man who goes into self-employment after he has had a long career in public sector work or in a private business with a strong union or a high-paying job and then decides on self-employment as a second career following retirement. Such a man has a history of financial stability and has the wherewithal to tide himself over when there are slack periods. There is also nothing wrong with men who are in professions like medicine and law and have their own offices.

Those are more often than not lucrative. Those are the exceptions to the rule. However, since most self-employment goes belly up within a few years if not a few months, dating and marrying men who engage in it are extremely high risk for women. This is especially true with divorced women—not so much widowed women, who tend to be older and certainly not never-married women—who think that any man, even one like this who I think is a loser, is better than none at all.

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They just absolutely waste their time putting men at the center of their lives. They will go from man to man to man, marriage to marriage to marriage, because they think that being alone is a mark of failure as women. Self employed running a 57 year old never joind biker dating, self-employment among the.

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