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I updated the event page and the gallery.

Also the theme was changed and I added a new header. The other news is that I am looking for, at least, 1 or 2 members more to help me out a little.

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You can do it here or you can message me on my personal outerspayne. And last but not least, I recently noticed that 3 years ago I started the blog. Thank you for sticking up with me and supporting the blog. It means a lot and I hope I can keep doing this for a long time. Thank you again, byeeee! Till the day I die. I slowly open my door looking around for any signs of danger. A hand is placed on my shoulder, causing me to swing at what ever or who ever it was. Two strong hands wrap around my wrists, pinning against the car. My heart races, how can he tell me to calm down? His clothes look worn and dirty, and his eyes tell a story of sleepless nights.

It was really nice to see you again. Did he actually just walk away from me like that? Now I was angry. I run after him, he did not get to leave me like that again, with no explanation. I just pull him into me. His arms wrap around me and I know he just needs someone to be there for him. A now clean Theo come and sits beside me on my bed.

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The awkward silence lingers between us, neither of us knowing what to say. Our first date, I only asked you out to get closer to Scott. It was all a lie. He places a hand on my knee, pleading with me to listen. His eyes plead with me for forgiveness. I jump off the bed sprinting downstairs. I can hear another heartbeat?


Some times you just have to let people go. He will heal and it will make me feel better?

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I close my door hoping to block him out. My best friend, Theo, and I were doing our usual routine of sitting out on the wall of the courtyard in school eating our lunch. I stand up, slightly insulted that he though I would just use him but more filled with glee that he thinks that way about me. I feel the exact same way. I had a sickening feeling in my stomach; my hands were shaking in my pockets, where I refused to move them from.

There were so many things going through my mind. What house would I be in? Would I have any friends? Would the teachers be nice? Would I be any good at the subjects? I only wish I had a friend who was also going to Hogwarts with me I thought as I entered one of the empty compartments on the train. Being an eleven year old is hard! Eventually the scarlet train descended on its journey, leaving me excited yet frightened.

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  4. I watched as the busy, grey platform turned into beautiful scenes of green. She was confident and bold, everything I wished I was. They are an odd bunch. They are the wrong people to be getting involved with. Melissa taught me so much before I even got off the train, she told me all about the houses. The way she described Slytherin made me long to be in it. How everyone there was ambitious and strong. It held all the characteristics I craved. It made me determined to be placed in it, to have a family that sticks together and works hard for their desired dreams. Maybe Melisa was wrong, maybe they were just misunderstood.

    So ask if they wanted one of my bertiebots beans when the opportunity presented itself. Worst mistake of my life!

    See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

    They were cruel, making jokes, I was never so humiliated. From then on I watched from a distance as the Weasley twins grew in popularity, pulling the most brilliant pranks. Sixth year, after the twiwizard tournament, I was hoping for a quiet year where I can focus on my studies, no distractions, no Melissa sadly , no drama. Defense against the dark arts is a practical subject! If we are ever going to learn anything in the stupid class we need to be putting the lessons to practice. Her office was a pink bombshell.

    Everywhere I turned there was pink; Baby pink, hot pink, fuchsia, rose, salmon, coral. This woman was crazy and to top it all off she was obsessed with cats. Framed pictures of felines lined the walls and covered the mantelpiece. I stood in front of her desk, as she paid no acknowledgement to me. Filch tonight and then after that you will be writing me an essay on the importance of being respectful and obedient to your superiors. Filch, just on time. These our the two student who will be being punished tonight. Great, we had to scrub all the trophies and ornaments in the great hall along with scrubbing all the bottoms which where covered in all sorts of unknowns.

    People ready were gross.

    Luke and Calum from 5SOS watching Love Island

    We worked in silence, neither daring to even look at each other. I began unloading all the trophies from the cabinet.

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    Me and my brother that is? Do you know how embarrassed I was after that? But that was after you had already judged us on the train. I bit my lip, trying to suppress a smile.

    blacksmithsurgical.com/t3-assets/speculative/whos-in-charge-here-stories.php Fred and I just seemed to click after that.